Mother’s Day gift baskets

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“A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking” are the words of Helen Rice (a poet) and expresses the real value of a mother heart. A mother is the most important person in someone’s life and Mother’s day, created by Anna Jarvis, is the perfect day to honor your mother.

The celebration of Mother’s Day is not the same in every country of the world but most of them celebrate this event the second Sunday of May.

A mother doesn’t expect a gift, but we all like to celebrate her with some nice gift baskets to show how important she is. There is no perfect gift to show all the love she deserves but here are some good suggestions which may help you to surprise your mother:

*Gift baskets of flowers

 Flowers are the most original gift for Mother’s Day because nothing else tells your mother more that you love her than a basket of beautiful flowers. There is plenty of choices in suitable flowers for Mother’s Day and carnations are the most common flowers for this special day.

Because Mother’s day is celebrated in most countries during spring you can make baskets of blooming flowers. For example, tulips, daffodils or scented narcissus are great choices. Personally I would like to give her a gift basket of red and pink roses because these flowers represent love and gratitude.

*Chocolate gift baskets

 Almost everyone likes chocolate and perhaps your mother is addicted to this delicious sweet. A chocolate gift basket is an excellent idea to surprise your mother. A dilemma is often what kind of chocolate you need to fill the gift basket. She probably likes many flavors of chocolate (for example milk, dark or caramel chocolate) but if you can choose her favorite one and fill up a beautiful basket with those, she’s bound to love it. A gift basket with chocolate hearts is a good idea and represents the love she deserves.

*Breakfast gift baskets

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it would be nice if you can surprise your mother with a breakfast gift basket. Is it not wonderful to wake up and have breakfast in bed on this special day? Your mother will like this attention and you can buy this gift for every budget.

You will have plenty of choice to fill your breakfast gift basket for your mother. Maybe a gourmet breakfast gift basket is a wonderful idea for her. She can wake up with and enjoy the delicious taste of all the food in this delicious breakfast basket, for example pancakes, blueberry jam, syrup, bacon, coffee cakes and some delicious sweets.

*Candy gift baskets

 A candy gift basket is always a great gift for Mother’s Day. Most everyone likes sweets and it is easy to fill a candy gift basket with snacks, cookies and every sweet she likes. Maybe you can also add some peppermint, gummies, nuts and even dried fruits.

*Gift baskets with CD’s and DVD’S

If your mother likes listening to music or watching movies you can compose a basket filled with CD’s and DVD’s she likes. Maybe she likes romantic movies; there are many DVD boxes available with 5 romantic movies or more but it is preferable to compose a gift basket with DVD’s and CD’s she doesn’t already have and she really likes. Maybe you can fill the basket with empty DVD’s and CD’s and include a gift certificate for buying the ones she likes.

Gift baskets are a great choice for a nice Mother’s Day gift. If you know what she really likes you can compose a gift basket with different items. It is easy to fill a basket with sweets, books, DVD’s, CD’s, gift certificates, jewelry, electronic gadgets or most anything she likes. If you want to give her a gift basket she will always remember you can best personalize her gift and include a card with a text “You are the best mother in the world”.

Your mother will always appreciate your gift. Fill the basket with the items she likes and don’t forget to personalize your gift and adding a family picture is always a good idea. Have fun and include “your love” in the basket!


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