Creating the Best First Birthday for Your Baby

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Throwing your child’;s first birthday party is very exciting but it can become a hassle if you take it too far. The baby needs only a few things at the party – items for its basic comfort and you. The party truly is more for the adults to celebrate the first year of the child’;s life and less for the child’;s benefit, as the child is not yet aware of birthdays. The child is aware, however, of the adults in his or her life who love and care for them, so it’;s best to surround baby with these individuals on this day.

Plan the party to coincide with your family’;s style. If you like to be outdoors, have a picnic for your baby with family and friends. If your style is more formal, pull everyone together indoors where every person has a chance to say hello to the baby, enjoy some food and share some cake.

The baby is old enough to eat cake, in fact, many parents wait for this monumental time in life to give their baby cake for the first time. Set aside a time for baby’;s birthday cake and allow everyone to take pictures. However, this is probably the most you should do for the baby specifically.

If there are older siblings or cousins at the party, you can plan games or fun things for them to do while the adults share the baby. However, you want to keep the party very short to avoid overwhelming the baby and you want to keep everything very simple. There is no reason to go over the top for the first birthday. Wait for the second and third birthday parties, when the child can understand the concept of a birthday and that they get extra attention on that day.


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