The Public Library and Its benefits

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The first public library can be dated as far back as 1425 in London, a library know as the London Guildhall. Ever since then, the public library has changed dramatically. A public library is essentially a place to relax with knowledge of all sorts starting with the old fashioned book. Public Libraries offer many different kind of services for free or a tiny fee. Some services include books, historical documents, study rooms, printers, free internet, newspapers, information, classes of different types including but not limited to dance classes, language classes for people who are trying to learn English, book clubs, etc. Other services include a fixed place for elementary school kids to hang out and read books, restrooms, cds of music and also books on tape, the ability to check out books, a library card which allows access to all the branches of the city library system. Other services incllude free wi-fi and some city libraries have dedicated places to help get jobs. A newer service of libraries today is digital content and videos by experts and also answers reference questions. These services are paid for by the local taxpayer residing in that community and also state and federal taxes. Some benefits of libraries include but not limited to are

  • a safe place for young children and teenagers to study and relax
  • access to global media and assortment of books
  • information for events in the local community and the nearby area
  • a place to brush up on some knowledge
  • meet new people
  • ask questions
  • read magazines
  • job search and information on how to be self sufficient
  • free internet
  • a resource that gives the community to escape poverty
  • access to old articles published decades and centuries ago

Overall, the public library is never a waste of money because the application in society can be used in many ways. As the libraries shift to a digital age, it will be still be a reflection on the local community.


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