Move Your Books Easily: Follow Our Plan and Make Your Move a Breeze

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Move your books fast and safely to your new home just following a few simple and easy steps. Movers Melbourne will give you all the information you need to move your books without problems.

Books have a lot to tell you and no doubt they are people’s best company. Even if you have never tried to take a book and make a mental journey to its weird world sitting in the sand or just your balcony, it is certain that once you try, you will spend some pleasant and edifying moments for yourself. People that love reading and discovering new ways of thinking and living through either true or fictitious stories have accumulated many books over the years. Nonetheless when the time for a move comes they may have difficulties.

In a large amount books are not easy to move not only because of the weight but also because there is a great risk of damage. The best way to avoid troubles however and also make sure that your books will be moved safely is to make a plan of what to do taking into account a few precautions. To this point Movers Melbourne are here to help you achieve an easier and trouble less move.


All you have to do in order to achieve a smoother move is to make a thorough plan that will resolve all the tricky points of your move. First of all you have to make sure that your books won’t suffer damage while in transit and also that the packaging won’t tear down during the transfer due to the weight.

Mind to get the appropriate packing material for such a move. Take into account the number bulk and weight of your books and choose strong and spacious boxes made of hard cardboard. If you are going to carry a great number of books at a time in one box then you may need to make some extra preparation in order to enhance a bit more your boxes. Tape all inner and outer parts of your box together and boost the bottom with an extra piece of cardboard, then tape with moving tape. Last but not least, before you start packing your books make sure that the boxes are free of dirt and dampness.


When it comes to packing books things seem to be very easy given that books have a certain shape that is easy to store. Nonetheless, incorrect storage may be the cause of damage of your books. While packing books extra care should be taken so as not to harm not only the cover but also their spine because this will cause the pages to bend and warp. To avoid problems and damages thus mind to protect your books before you place them in boxes. In addition, proper placement in boxes will be the key for a safer transfer.

There are many different ways to pack books however depending on the type of your books you will choose the most suitable one for your case. Whatever your circumstances, remember to always protect the spine so mind to place your books either upright having the spine against the box’s side or alternatively spine first and paper edges up or you can pack your books flat one on the other. Hardcore editions or books with fragile cover should be padded before packaging for better protection. In these cases use bubble wrap to cover the interior of your box and also wrap your books in Kraft paper. What is more, remember to place pieces of cardboard in between each book when putting them in boxes. Fill any dead spaces with packing material, foam peanuts or paper to prevent damages when moving your books. Secure each box with a lot of moving tape and then label them writing “books”.

Finally if the day of the move is to be much later you will have to store the boxes. Choose a cool and dry place for these boxes protected by weather conditions. Do not put heavy boxes one on top of the other because weight may destroy your books. Keep this tip for the carrying too. If your boxes are too heavy to be transferred in hands consider the option of flat dolly or trolley.


It is certain that being tethered to your books you will do your best in order to make sure that your move will be as safe as possible. On the other hand no one can guarantee an optimum outcome other than professional movers. Cheap and responsible Man and A van would make your move as easy as winking providing all the equipment, knowledge and experience needed to guarantee a safe and easy move. Thus if you want to save both money and effort consider hiring a Furniture Removals company that would undertake the move from A to Z giving you the chance to enjoy an effortless but most important safe book relocation.


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