Love sms 2014

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Love is a feeling which can never ever explain in the comprehensive manner because love is not a name of single feeling it is the combination of the several things such as joy sincerity affection, attachment, excite  and many more ever one describe love through its  own style. In the past people usually directly convey their feelings to the other people or this is done through the love letter but these all take much time and one has to wait very long to tell his or her loved one that he or she love him. As the technology has brought the world closer and life is becoming very fast so one can not wait such long time to convey his feeling.

This problem has been solved by the mobile phone. Now you can send the SMS to your near and dear one any time and from anywhere you can also send the SMS through the internet as well. Love SMS is the most common sms these days. People use different style and ways to describe his feelings. Such as someone describe his feeling through the lovely smile of his lover such as your smile is very sweet and lovely, and I always dream of you all the days and night and watch you smiling in my dreams and see only one thing through your smile and it is the love which is seen on your face. Another way of sending the love sms is sworn for his life long and passionate love for the lover in that way everything will change like season but one thing will never ever change and that is my love for you. 

We can also send love sms by sending romantic poetry or calling his nickname which has been given by you to him and is a symbol of the love between you such as sweetheart, darling, a so on.  


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