Cosplay 101 – a brief intro and Closet Cosplay

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Cosplay has suddenly come out of the closet in recent years and Syfy is going to take the concept to the bank; thei new shoe “Heroes of Cosplay” cronicle the hard core Cosplayer’;s and the drama that goes along with this particular hobby. However, many cosplayer’;s are rather worried about exactly what this show will promote the drama and the “bad” side of cosplay. 

As a Cosplayer myself – I can see why this would worry some. But first a small intro to cosplay. 

Cosplay is a mash up word which means, Costume Play. It was first made popular in Japan thanks to animation and people dressing up as their favorite anime characters. In the West, this translates to gaming characters, movie characters, book characters and tv show characters. Along with anime of course. 

There are three camps of cosplay. 

Make it yourself – if you can sew, you’;d probably make your cosplay if you have the time. 

Buy it – if you can’;t sew or aren’;t very crafty you can buy your cosplay. 

Closet – torn jeans, a brown wig and some plaid will make for a beginner’;s version of Sam Winchester from Supernatural as long as you get the hair style right. 😉 

When I first got into cosplay, I was HORIBBFIED by the attituted that if you make your cosplay you are SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE BECAUSE ONLY LOOSERS BUY THEIR COSPLAY. 

Which is simply not true. 

Of course there are some cosplay that you can’;t buy, if it’;s a rare show/anime or if it isn’;t popular you may have to learn the skills to make it yourslef. But if we’;re talking about Full Metal Alchemist or Naruto you can probably find some very good cosplay. Of course, do your research and get a well made costume. The cheap stuff just makes you look cheap and you at least want to try for something half way decent. 

This is simply from my own experience when I first joined Deciant Art and tried cosplaying myself. 

I in fact did a series of L cosplay from Death Note and to date it’;s the only Cosplay I was able to do. This is closet cosplay. 

So. Let’;s break it down. 

L wears jeans a long white shirt, he has shaggy black hair and black rimmed eyes. He is the Detective in Death Note who is tracking down the mass murderer Kira (which I have also cosplayed but haven’;t had much success on that front). I wore my usual jeans and my Dad had given me and old turtle neck which was white. I hate turtle necks so I had cut the neck off and it was perfect. I did my make up and it all turned out all right. I got one of my siblings to help me. The black wig came from a friend of my siblings who “lost” it and hasn’;t asked for it back so I kinda stole it for my own ends. 

The picture above is me trying a different variation. I dressed up with an old jacket my mother had given me and I used my ipad as the “Death Note” because I don’;t have one. This is take outside my house. 

You can take simple cosplay pics and run them through filters and different artistic tools on a freen online photo editor. The more artsy the more I like it. THis is my basic L cosplay. 

This is all closet cosplay too, I didn’;t spend any money to make either version of L because I had the clothing all ready. 

Closet Cosplay is great for the beginner who is trying to find their identity within the cosplay culture. So please, if you are interested try and find a version within your closet. If not thrift store may also have what you need to make a great cosplay. 

Good luck and don’;t forget to show off your endeavors on Deviant Art, which is a great way to promote yourself. 


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