Why I Chose To Be A Freelancer

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For the past 6 years, I have lived as a mother, a wife, and a provider all at the same time. It is quite hard, as I have to juggle different tasks daily. To be honest, I was not entirely satisfied with that setup. I and my husband both work in the call center industry. We only get to see our son during our days off. Which is sad because the schedule that we have were the the opposite to a traditional office employee’;s.

We thought that we could go on like that for at least a few more years until we have some savings. However, things were not going our way and life became tougher than we had initially expected. The companies we’;ve been working for made some major changes and the incentives went relatively low, until it finally was taken down. Our meager earnings even went smaller. It became so small that it would only suffice for our everyday expenses, without anything to save for our bank accounts.

To cut the story short, we left our regular jobs to go look for better opportunities. I was able to check for some valuable information that the internet could be our source of income. Many online jobs are available and require skills that I already have. The thing is, I am faced with the challenge of smarting out other people who are also looking to work from home, with even better skills that I possess.

Freelancing is quite a tough territory that I have recently ventured into. And honestly speaking, it was the opposite of my experience when I used to apply in call center companies. Unlike the regular hiring process, hiring for independent contractors is mainly dependent on cover letters and portfolio. Which I initially do not have any idea of. It’;s quite hard for a neophyte like me come to terms with making myself a competent freelancer. Having to tend to my son, I usually have very limited time to spend looking and applying for jobs online. However, the self-starter in me is just so persistent that even in the wee hours of the morning, I would get up and keep looking. And I finally found the perfect match for me.

I have always loved writing. This passion is the one that got me a client (after months of searching). Now, I am currently working as a freelance writer and I must admit, it is both hard and rewarding. I can work whenever I want, and have my family by my side. Though sometimes, I end up devoting my full attention to them and leave work aside. I am still on the process of learning how to manage my time though. I am just so full of hope and determination to make it big in this field. Initially, I’;ve had plans of going out of the country to look for greener pastures. But then I realized, it’;s the last option I would take. My family is on top of my priorities, and earning money is just second. I would not trade having my family with me at all times with wealth from working abroad or just away form home.


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