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Undoubtedly, the wedding ring represents immortal love and the frequently rehabilitated vows of the married couple. This has long been original for not only timelessness, but even also the completeness and homecoming. This circle also speaks to the steady round of the paradise, also the eternal homecoming of the seasons, which is marked by the cyclical ceremony and celebration.

Also In addition, the circle in the rock art, sacred rock arrays, and the astrology also represents both Sun and Moon; they are the astrological and alchemical symbols for the mannish and feminine aspects of the heavens. This message with the Sun and Moon is emphasized by the numerous practice of selecting gold for the one betrothed and the silver for the other.

Wedding Rings in common have a deeply entrenched magical meaning. Enchanted rings outline in many earliest folk stories. Also Incantations and spells are for the safety of the wearer of rings are the common motifs. But today, in the long-established religious ceremonies, wedding rings are sanctified by the minister or a priest, and thus the long-lasting practice of the symbolic wedding rings.

Wedding rings are very often beautifully designed with arithmetical knot work patterns which have a long history and a central place in the history. These kinds of patterns are very vegetative, suggesting the tendrils and also vines. Actually, for the in much of the art, counting the famous illuminated Bible, The Book of Kells, these types of Celtic Knots appear from or change into very vegetative foliage. This stunning symmetry of these natural fiber patterns is frequently not square, rigid, or even overly formal, but still organic, flowing, and a nice stylized reflection of this curve and the spirals found in nature. Indeed, this Celtic Knots which embellish the wedding rings herald the main ideas of the spring, fertility, and also the eternal new start of the life force–and all of which bode fine for a successful life partnership.

Wedding rings have usually been worn on our third finger of the left hand. And Speculation has it that this is that because the Romans believed that the vein ran directly from this third finger to our heart. Also an interchange proposal for this finger tradition is that each finger on our hand is linked to a planet in the early systems of astrology, and our ring finger of the left hand was linked with the Sun.

And in this process the wearing of the wedding ring on that ring finger signify the community proclamation of the union in the clear daylight, in other words, the aware and clearly able to be seen world of the human community. And this correspondence is far more strongly emphasized by the universal tendency to the wedding rings out of gold, and which is symbolically the clear metal of the Sun all the way through the history and across the cultures.

Wedding rings imprison the full variety of the ceremonial, symbolic, and also common aspects of the marriage, and in preserve of these so many levels of the meaning as a durable and the continuous reminder. Ancient and yet modern steeped in mystery yet almost commonly exchanged, wedding rings unite the art of the jeweler, the respect of the engaged, and the beauty of the love and partnership in a single and yet perfect symbol.


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