music marketing strategies

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It is essential to learn how companies and their partners work to reach the fans. Think of your own fans and how you want to reach them do you want the traditional approach or do you feel online promotions would be better think about your target market and how you want to showcase yourself. What are your USP’;;;S (unique selling points) Think about the budget you have before approaching a marketing company and have a clear understanding of what and how you want to proceed a tip is be as unique as you are in your music.

Try and look into the fundamental practices used within other music campaigns, take into account the pressure distribution and any tour / gig dates planned. Pay attention to how others market themselves online, how they promote their product, what is their appeal , who do you think they were aiming the advert at remember its always beneficial to keep up with what and your competition are doing and how they are doing it.

When it comes to merchandise think what will your fans like, if you have regular fans speak to them they will know better than anyone else.  Then look into costs and have some made give some of your regular followers they will promote you for free that way.

 Advertising , well think of how you want to be seen and always remember social media twitter , myspace and Facebook are essential for anyone looking to promote a product it’;;;s free and the best advertising has always and will always be word of mouth it spreads faster than anything else.  Papers v magazines think about your music genre where would you want to be seen although this usually comes later in your career think about it local newspapers always have a what’;;;s going on section when you’;;;re starting out why not place a small ad increase attendance gain more fans.  Leaflet drops these are a tried and tested way of letting people know direct what’;;;s going on but with any luck you will be too busy for that.

Marketing in any area has the same basic ideas before you start asking yourself these questions and stay true to your answers.

Who is your target market?

What do you want to achieve

How can you get there?

When to start publicity

Why will people pay attention to you? 


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