Wanna Win An Argument Fair and Square?

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So, you’re having an argument with your significant other, huh?  You too?  And you?  You at the back?  Well, if you’re not in the mood to argue, go to bed.  (I’ve actually read in a legitimate citation that going to bed angry can actually be good.)  If you’re in the mood, get ready to bring it on.

If you’re a female:

  1. Do stay on topic; don’t be a scatter brain.  Put the past in the past and stay focus.  Argue about the topic, and nothing else.  You wouldn’t want someone to be talking to you about your unshaved legs while you talk about the dinner you had last night, would you?  “What?” you ask.  I rest my case – different topics.
  2. Say their names; refrain from name calling.  Can you imagine if the opposite sex actually know what kind of name-calling hurt women?  **** *****, ******* ***, ****** ******, ***** ******, and * ** ********.  Perhaps they do, but they’re just not that cruel.  So women, don’t be cruel too.
  3. Be an independent woman; don’t call an army.  This is your fight, not your friend’s, sister’s, bff’s, mother’s, nor your co-worker’s, it’s yours.  Stick with it.  Remember, he has friends and families too.  You don’t want them to know your flaws.

If you’re a male:

  1. Stay calm; don’t say anything.  Just listen… or pretend to listen.
  2. Act as if you know what you and your partner are arguing about by showing a remorseful but not a pathetic face.
  3. Remember when I adviced to pretend to at least listen?  Scratch that and really listen because there will be a quiz later on.

Let’s play the possibilities

Female vs Female – Both are babbling and following the rules.  No one listens therefore both loses.  In reality, there’s usually a winner; since it’s a tie, they are both winners.

Female vs. Male – Female is babbling and male is listening.  Female quizzes and male passes.  Female is happy because male was listening, and male is happy because the female stopped yelling.  Both win.

Male vs. Male – Both are ready to listen, so they wait for each other to talk.  No one talks.  No argument.  No quiz.  Both wins.


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