Get MSP Certified to Boost Up Your Career!

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The course makes students in the fields like technology, computer science and information technology more recognized and gives them a career boost.

The candidates at college and university level are eligible for this course. The students qualifying MSP are much more aware of the Microsoft technologies and product-specific skills which are not usually taught in the regular academic programs. As a consequence, Microsoft gets trained and skilled candidates as their work force. The college and university level students from all over the world forms the members of MSP. The members of this association are offered compensation through their salaries and software and hardware packages distributed to them for testing and promotional purposes.

The candidates are tested on the following grounds to be nominated for membership:

1.      Technical Expertise: A candidate with strong understanding of the overall set of Microsoft Visual languages and the .NET Framework is preferred. Besides this, specific demonstrable skills in one or more languages or technologies are also preferable. Students who have multiple skills and know various languages are especially encouraged to join the program.

2.      Leadership Qualities: A candidate who is a leader of some student technical club, society or an organization is given preference.

3.      Be an active part in online activities: A candidate who actively participates in online academic or professional activities is nominated.

4.      Good in exploration: A candidate who seeks out new technologies, explore them and share the knowledge gained with fellows and teachers is preferred.

5.      Behavior in Campus: A candidate who is well regarded by faculty and behaves in a good manner is promoted to join.

6.      Outgoing personality: Nominee should have a positive and mature attitude with an outgoing personality.

Microsoft Student Partners are allowed access to Microsoft’s latest softwares and development tools etc. MSPs further share their knowledge with academic community by arranging lectures, seminars and workshops etc.

The MSP certification is of two levels:

·         Foundation Level: It confirms the sufficient knowledge and understanding of the candidate of the MSP guidance to interact with the members involved in management programme. The foundation exam is a one hour test with multiple choice questions. The foundation qualification is a pre-requisite for the next level that is the practitioner level exam.

·         Practitioner Level: It is to confirm if the candidate has the sufficient knowledge and understanding of the candidate of the MSP guidance to be an informed member of a programme management team. The exam includes objective testing and duration is two and a half hour.

MSP Trainings are available at both these levels having different MSP courses as Foundation course and Practitioner course. The knowledge Academy offers both these courses accredited by APMG. The trainers are having over ten years of experience in this field.


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