Target Time

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There are many people that are living on the street and in some countries; these people that are on the street are children.  Children that have been deserted by their parents are usually because the family doesn’t have enough food for everyone.  Children are though of being useless when it comes to being part of the family.  By this, I mean that any parent that would desert their children to the streets to either be raped by the men of the town or beat up for the fun of it.    On the streets, children are prayed on as being easy targets for either of those crimes.

Men see the little girls as an easy target for rape while the teenage boys like to pick on the little children that they can easily torment into doing anything they want.    Other children that have been on the street for a while start to get a hard shell of protection around them, so that can’t show their soft insides.

Instead, of feeling sorry for the children that have been recently deserted and taking them under their wing (, so to speak).  The other children that have been out on the streets for awhile will start to pick on the new children that have been have been deserted.  The older child make the newly children feel more scared than they do already.  They make the younger children break into tears as they are bullying the newer children around.     Older children think they are tough when they pick on the newer children that are trying to learn the ropes of living on the street.

The newer children have many new adventures and learning experiences ahead of them.  They have to learn who to ignore, who to run from, who to listen to, and many other things that will come their way.   It is a scary time for the children as they start to learn how to live and how to find food.

They will go through the trash containers that set around restaurant looking for any food that was throwing away by the people that were able to buy what the restaurants where offering.   Some restaurants chase off the children when they are found in the trash containers and there some of the employee that actually yell at the children by getting in their face which scares them more.

I am glad that many of the churches are offering places for the street children to get meals and a place to lay their head under a safe roof at night.  Churches have gone out on the street looking for children that are ready to get off the streets and the churches are there to guide them to a most Awesome God.  The churches want to show the street children that there is a better life ahead of them and that not everyone will desert them.   The churches want the children to know that their Heavenly Father is there for them and He will NEVER leave them or forsake them.


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