Sugar Waxing: The Long Lost Persian Gem

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When you hear cold wax you think….what? How can wax be cold? If it’;s cold how can you smooth it on your skin? How do you even get it out of the jar? Well here’;s the secret about this amazing wax but, first let me tell you about this amazing gem of a waxing technique. Persian wax a.k.a cold wax a.k.a. sugar wax is an old time way of waxing that most people don’;t know about. As it’;s names imply, it was first started in Persia or better yet during the time of the Ottoman Empire. It’;s also…ding, ding, you guessed it, cold but not enough to make you have frostbite :-p. And finally it’;s main ingredient is sugar. Even the process is simple and easy. Unlike it’;s hotter, more modern sister, hot wax, persian wax doesn’;t need to be kept at a certain heat. It doesn’;t have a heap load of chemicals that could be horrible irritants to the skin. It’;s also a lot less messier than hot wax. How does it work? Well if your familiar with waxing then it shouldn’;t a problem. It works the same way as hot waxing, same application, same removal. However during my time meddling in the wonderful world of wax I came to these conclusions:

One: The application is a lot faster. I didn’;t need to worry about the wax being too runny or cooling it down before putting it on my skin in fear of being burned (which hurts by the way).

Two: It’;s a DIY beauty project. It incredibly simple even I was bit surprised anybody could do this and can come out with amazing results. Youtbe is every makeup vixens best friend and there is not shortage of videos on making cold/sugar wax.

Three: Not so ouchie! Ok so if your like me or Merida from Disney’;s kid movie Brave, you shouldn’;t be afraid of pain or a needle, but if you’;re not (which is entirely okay today) then this way of waxing will be a lot quicker and less painful. Why? WELL…this wax doesn’;t stick to the skin but instaed sticks to the hairs only. So you only feel the sting of the hairs being ripped of from your skin hahahahahahahahaaha…….too much info…sorry about that! But in all honesty I was quite surprised when I didn’;t end up squinting my eyes from pain. After repeating the process 3 times it’;s not as bothersome as the first.

Four: The health benefits of cold wax are alot better than that of hot wax. The main ingredient, sugar has a lot of good properties for your skin. It’;s an awesome exfoliant, doesn’;t clog the pores and and restores the skin moisture and oil balance. If you include lemon juice in it that you het double the benefits plus and extra boost of protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. Lemon juice is also a natural skin lighter.

And finally…Five: Cheap, cheap, cheap. The ingredients for the wax are inexpesive and can be found in any grocrey store.

So there you go ladies and gents included. Your easy-peezy lemon squeezie sugar/cold/Persian wax facts. Now, dont get me wrong to each their own, but if you want to try something new, different or even more effective than go go for it.

Anneyeong Darlings! 


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