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To Pk-ers
Someone once said to write about you…
So here is a story I think you will get a kick out of…
As I walked deep into the wilderness with clue in hand,
someone came running after me across the land…
He hit me with a bolt of magic and there I stood,
I could not move I would have ran if I could…
He laughed so hard as he watched me die,
I cried and asked him why why why…
As I pleaded and begged for my life,
He dealt the final blow with his knife…
So revenge was on my mind,
I was not going to be very kind…
I knew that the pkers had to learn a lesson,
The plan to get even became an obsession…
So I played a trick on you my fellow pker…
A friend and I plotted to get even with some of you.
We went and got 27 beers and sat there drinking them,
The more we drank the better our plan became.
We would be the ones laughing this time.
We strapped on our 3 best items and off we went,
To the deepest part of the wilderness,
We waited for you to come and slay us down and you did!!!
As we pleaded for our lives you killed us anyways.
(No please don’t we don’t have anything on us…)
Please why are you killing us?? (HELP!! HELP!! Someone Anyone HELP!!! LMAO the whole time you were doing just what we wanted…)
We ended up next to each other laughing all the way,
for when we died on that funny sunny day
we left you with 27 empty beer glasses and a single coin
wooooo hooooo we were the winners…
I wish I could have seen the look on your face when you saw
your just reward for defeating a few more noobs.
well well I have to say the joke was really on you…


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