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How to do good stock trading

Stock trading brings marginal profits to the company and to the traders who contributes efficiently in increasing the goodwill of the company profitably. Stock traders knows some secretive methods of doing good trading. Those are discussed below:

Evaluating the companies Quotations

The companies quotations shown in the live stock market reveals the true picture of company’;s growth. Their goodwill can be easily calculated by seeing the graphs made in the live stock market websites. If the goodwill comes to be low then the best method to increase it would be to sell the items while trading online or offline. We can sell the items at the lowest cost then that figure will definitely bring maximum profits to the company but will not increase the goodwill. So to achieve both of them we are required to see the graph again online and then after calculating the marginal cost profits will get maximized to 90% along with goodwill.

Secretive questions arises while trading that how will be my Net Loss?, What I should do to eliminate my net loss? etc. So these questions are answers to themselves.
Suppose your Net Loss is Rs.5 then it will give you marginal revenue of Rs.100 with profit of Rs. 600 -800 but will not increase the reputation of the goodwill. To remove the net loss forever while doing stock trading the best method is to invest at the lowest item at least 8 items are required for investing to reduce the possibility of arising net loss.

The earning potentials of stock traders depends upon their knowledge of using good stock trading tools that are available online or offline. These tools are softwares that contains secrets of good trading along with the basics. Market changes every seconds and to move according to the market becomes easy only if we can maintain records of goodwill values daily. So the first thing is to calculate goodwill while doing stock trading, that is an easy method. Let me explain you a bit, If the company’;s highest quotations are 1.0920 and the company is running today at 1.0914, we can see that there is an difference of 6. So we can calculate goodwill orally that is if diference is 6 then add all the digits of 1.0914 we get,16 and after subtracting 16 from 6 we get 10. Now 10 is your value of goodwill which is very low because goodwill value should exist between 20-25. This method is based on analysis therem which can be easily derieved economically by adopting methods of Production Possiblity Curve and Opportunity Cost.

So to bring company to earn maximum profits is increasing the selling of items. Let me explain you more about that if buying items available in your account is 4 then you need to sell 2 of at the highest cost. Then you can change the cost slowly after seeing the graphs . If it grows up and down simultaneously then you can sell one more item but at lowest cost. Then 2 items that you have sold you can buy that again at maximum profit. This you will know by calculating goodwill of the company from the graph.

If in case, market condition of in company becomes mid-low. The reason behind this is their goodwill is low. So lot of labor is required to increase the goodwill. Now let us suppose that if I want to make the market condition of that company to highest instantly through online trading then the best method first is to check all the graphs of the latest year and then calculate the average points shown in the graph. This you can done by one simple method that is the value 1 should be used to compare all the points in the graph. Like if the graph is going upwards then make a figure in the notebook, connect 1 with that figure it gives you a slanting figure showing that Rs.50 should be invested in buying one item at the lowest price. After seeing the graph, continue to use stock marketing tools which will market the stocks of your company. That software must be automated one thus increasing the market condition and goodwill both.

Creativity exists in the stock traders which can be shown from their potential earning made through complete analysis of graphic presentation of the company’;s portfolio thus bringing limitless profits to the company.


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