Parenting requires a high level of maturity and age difference

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You become better with age.I would like to know how many parents really love their kids.Saying “I love you ,pumpkin” and buying them gifts doesn’;;;t prove that you love them.Parenthood is all about making sacrifices.I have seen parents kissing and making out infront of their kids.Now I have asked many kids if they like to see their parents making out.And they said no.Kids at that age feel alienated when they see their parents doing something like that.They feel they are missing out something.This is the first thing that you need to stop doing -kissing infront of your kids.Some kids might find it funny but then they might do something in your absence which is not at all right at their age.And then you can’;;;t blame them. Ofcourse if they see their parents romancing they will feel the urge to try out the same thing with someone and end up making a big mistake.

If you want to show your kids what a strong relationship you have with your spouse then just act like you two are best friends and nothing more than that.Once they grow old enough they will get to know the essence of the relationship between their parents and will respect you for not making them feel alienated by making out before their little eyes.

I know of a woman who lost her husband at a very young age.Her son was only a first grader at that time.Her family and friends asked her to remarry and start a new life but she refused to do so.She said “My son has lost his father.I don’;;;t want him to lose his mother too”.She knew if she started a relationship with another man and married him and had kids with him, her son would develop emotional problems later on in life.She brought up her son all by herself and in this way she earned her son’;;;s respect.

The kids who have been neglected by their parents and live with their foster parents have to deal with lots of emotional and physical stress.They are the ones who start doing drugs,smoking,drinking and having sex at a very young age.This is one of the major causes of teenage pregnancy.

As a parent you will have to quit your bad habits (smoking, drinking,doing drugs ,cybering ,having an extra marital relationship ) for the sake of your children.Enjoy your life but make sure your kids dont feel alienated even for a little while.You need to set a great example of yourself to earn your kids’;;; respect and give them a happy and healthy life.


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