Tell-tale Signs Your Man is Cheating on You

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    These days, qualities like trust and loyalty are harder to come by than they used to be. Why is that? Perhaps it’;;s to do with our work schedules, stress levels, or the dreaded attitude of “YOLO”. It would seem that values are changing, as divorce rates continue to rise. Rather than recognizing and working to fix problems, many couples fall apart because one or both partners run from the issues at hand. It’;;s easy to see why a woman would start to worry about her partner cheating when a few signs appear, but it’;;s important not to jump to conclusions. So, ladies, how can you tell if your man is cheating on you? Here are some signs that he may not be “working late” as much as he claims:

– Dry spells. If your sex life is taking a hit, he may be getting his jollies somewhere else. Pay attention the next time you’;;re getting physical: is he more aggressive than he used to be? is he busting out some new moves? does he seem interested in role-playing when he was never playful before? If something seems different, he may have learned a few new tricks from someone else.

– He’;;s distant. If he used to be touchy-feely with you and now you can count on one hand the number of times he’;;s touched you in the past week, something may be up. Whether or not there’;;s someone else in the picture, if he’;;s not as affectionate as he used to be it’;;s a red flag that his feelings for you may have changed.

– He spends less time at home. While he may actually be working late or having a good ol’;; fashioned guys’;; night out, less time at home is a classic indicator of possible foul play. If he becomes defensive when questioned, is vague on the details, or his story just doesn’;;t add up, stay on the lookout for other warning signs.

– He’;;s developed a sudden interest in his appearance. If you notice that he’;;s started shaving more often, styling his hair, or working out when he’;;s never jogged a day in his life, it’;;s possible he’;;s trying to impress someone. Before you jump down his throat, though, keep in mind that it’;;s entirely possible he’;;s doing it for his own sake, or maybe you’;;re the one he wants to impress!

– He acts secretive. When a person is up to something, they’;;ll leave the room to take phone calls, hide their text messages, and close down browser windows as soon as you enter the room.

– He hides his body from you. Sometimes when things get wild, they get a little too wild. So if you normally shower together but now he seems to be dodging it, if he insists on the lights being out for sex, or if he’;;s wearing turtleneck sweaters in July, it may be that he’;;s trying to hide tell-tale signs of a secret romance from you. You may also notice the occasional strange hair or the scent of a different perfume or — if he’;;s showering elsewhere — the scent of a different soap.

– He hides evidence of you. Sometimes women leave little things behind at their boyfriend’;;s house or in their car. Are you noticing that your things in his home are now tucked away when they used to be left out in the open? Little things like that can be a big clue.

–  He avoids your friends and family, and his are acting strange around you. If he plans on leaving, he won’;;t want to become more involved by joining your social circle. Similarly, if he’;;s seeing someone else, a few of his friends almost certainly know and they’;;re probably not going to rat him out. Instead, they’;;ll seem awkward around you when they used to be totally comfortable with you.

– He picks fights. If he’;;s thinking of leaving you, he may be trying to bait you into ending things for him so that he’;;s not the bad guy. Unusual irritability or aggressive behaviour is a big tip off — pay attention to it.

– You catch him in other lies. Unless he’;;s an extremely good liar, you’;;ll be able to tell when something just isn’;;t adding up. If you know he lied about where he went Friday night or working late last Monday, why would you trust anything that comes out of his mouth?

– He’;;s cheated before. Whether or not you believe in “once a cheater always a cheater”, if he’;;s cheated before, keep your guard up. People can change, but the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour. Which leads me to my next point…

– Trust your gut. If you have a gut feeling that something’;;s not right, it probably isn’;;t. Your subconscious is telling you that something’;;s up, even if you’;;re in denial. Play it careful and stay on the look-out, but remember that your gut feeling isn’;;t enough to prove anything alone.

    Sadly, there is no way to prevent your partner from cheating on you — if they’;;re going to cheat, they’;;ll find a way. All you can do is watch out for warning signs and be prepared to either walk away or try your best to work it out together. That being said, none of these signs are on their own a sure sign of cheating — in fact, there are plenty of logical explanations for many of them. Use your best judgement, and don’;;t allow yourself to be taken advantage of.


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