How to build a personal brand?

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How to build a personal brand?

Is this life a race of brands? The answer is, yes. Nowadays, we eat brands, we sleep on brands and we talk about brands. “Brand” as a word defines the uniqueness of a business. However, it is a challenge to make your own brand known because of saturation. In that case, one should ask; how to build a personal brand?

Are you ready for this challenge?

If you start counting the brands available in this world, there are high chances you would not be able to do anything else in your life. That is the competition you would have to face. So, before you start thinking to build a personal brand, you should do your brand’s SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is a method to conclude your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. If you are sure that your strengths would overcome your weaknesses, this is a right time for you to start your personal brand.

How to start a personal brand?

Firstly, the name of the brand should be catchy. Secondly, if your name is very common you have to think of an exclusive name to attract people. In addition, create a brand statement which defines your brand perfectly but be realistic. It is always good to over deliver, however, under delivering means penalizing your brand. Also, make sure you are working with the target market. In short, just focus on your potential customers or suspects. Make sure you are serving first few customers brilliantly because there word of mouth would decide the future of your brand.

What is the role of internet?

Your brand is what google says. That is why if you have a website of your brand; make sure the SEO is increasing. Furthermore, social media plays a major role to boost your brand’s image. Remember, your Facebook page, Linkedln, Twitter account, Google+ and so on, would mostly be the first image of your brand. Additionally, you must have heard, “first image is the last image.” So, one has to maintain all the social links suitably. Another important point is to use the same images and colors of your brand. By doing this, people would recognize your brand quickly. A key to success is, updating your social media links. Do not waste your time by updating them separately. Use websites such as to update your work simultaneously. Do not forget, feedback is a backbone of an organization. Try your best to communicate with clients and assist them or else one way process does not stay for a long time.

An exceptional tip to build a personal brand successfully:

Your business should have nearly no link to your personal life. If you have a facebook account, do not add your customers there because they would be judging your brand by the way you live. To avoid such confusion, do not mix your personal and professional life.

In conclusion, the distinctiveness would always play a major role for those who want to build a personal brand. Undoubtedly, making a personal brand work in this era is not an easy job but if your arrow hits the apple properly, the worth would soon be visible.


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