Mysterious Miracle Rocks

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When man emerges beyond the mask of science to delve deeper, many discoveries are often found–the unexplainable, the mysterious, the divine connections seem clearer. Digging deeper the vague obscureness of unanswered scientific questions brings one to a deeper set of questions and starling answers that are provacative, and inspiring to delve yet even deeper!

In 1997 while on a journey to the midwest I was compelled to visit an offsite location near a trona mine in Rock Springs located in Sweetwater County Wyoming. My discovery there was a set of geological rocks of perfection that are inexplainable in human terms. In seeking expert advice, I went to a few geologists who then commented on the unusual creation and formation of these sandstone rocks. Formed millions of years ago, these formations personify a mystery in an area of the world that is known to be one of the oldest land masses on earth. The USGS maps show this area to be one of the first land mass areas on the earth to have formed and the area is considered to be part of the first firmament sections of land upon earth. It is here that the great supervolcano emerged and the birth of the region began. The great Yellostone Supervolcano is one of the oldest and most violent volcanos in the world. The trona of this region was in fact formed as part of the geological activity that is so predominant in the area.

This ancient pothole and its matching procreation pieces are hewn out of sand stone by water and the earth’;;;s natural forces. The divine and mysterious nature of them is simply provacative. The photo of these rocks cannot state the exact size of them, but they do in fact match human anatomy in size and perceptio. The question of how did such perfection occur must be posed, even to the most staunch science enthusiast.


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