My Mom’s Dump

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            “Hey mom, what’s the meanest thing anyone has ever done to you?” Angie asks; wonder blazing in her eyes, just wanting to know what her mother has endured.

            “Uuh, sweetie, there’s no way I’d ever tell you that- you’d have nightmares for a month.” She sarcastically replies, trying her hardest not to laugh at her daughter’s facial expression.

            “Well, tell me something juicy!” Angie giggles when she finally understands her mother’s joke.

            “When I was about five years older than you are now, I was in Jr. High.” Her mother explains. Angie’s face shines as she nods her head up and down, ferociously, eager for her mother to go on. “Two girls dumped my face into a trashcan and then ran away, snickering louder than ever. Let me tell you something- the trashcan in the girl’s restroom is NO place for your head.”  Angie’s face goes from chirpy to grief-stricken faster than you could say-well- anything. “But-” Angie’s muscles tighten; perhaps, not wanting to let go of this one shred of hope for her mother back in what she calls Jr. High. “By the end of High School those girls were waving to me in the hallways” Her mother contently smiles.

            That actually did happen to my mom when she was in middle school but I am not Angie.

            In my opinion- nothing like this should ever happen whether it be now, thirty years ago, or thirty years in the future.  Anything of this manner is just plain wrong and shameful.

            Nobody’s head should wind up in the trash, and they shouldn’t snickered at when they try to stand up for themselves against the wrong.

            What people SHOULD do is wave ‘Hi’ in the hall, and forgive.

            Remember, peace begins with a smile and a wave, not a smirk and a dump. 


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