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Hi everyone 😀

I highly advice that one should keep a small travelling bag ready, so you won’;;t have to panick when it’;;s due to your departure, about thinking of leaving something behind you.

This bag is also a great idea for models so when you receive that call, you don’;;t have to take your time packing but you are ready to go and arrive on time or as early as possible where told. 🙂

This bag shouldn’;;t be too big nor too small, this should take a small amount of space in your hand luggage.

To give you a clearer idea I am going to tell you what I advice you to put in it: my current travelling bag is pretty small, but really the size should be any that suits you.

What should I put inside the traveling bag?

This is what I recommend:


-Q-tips/ear buds (for make-up or cleaning)

-contact lenses (if needed)

-contact solution (try and buy the smallest bottle and always once finished clean it and refill it)


-small nail clipper

-small deodorant

-perfume (a sample of fragrances which you get when buying from a perfume shop)


-a small container with your daily pills/vitamins

-lip care balm

-small set of wet wipes


-any toiletries needed

I also recommend having a: 1) Tide to go pen, 2) Neo to go, 3) Whitening lightning pen (for teeth, only use these if you really have something like a casting or something important, as they can be bad for your gums, so only use it for an emergency), 4) A cuticle nail cream (would help when your hands start getting dry, which helps to prevent split skin)

I currently don’t have any of these 4 but I highly recommend them.

So basically that’s what I do, that’s all for now, hope this helps 🙂

Talk to you guys soon 😀 xxxx


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