Tips for improving your customers online shopping experience: Complete Savings

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Forbes recently provided tips for businesses looking to be competitive in the online space, today we review some of them.

make friends
Twitter and Facebook are a great start, but if you want to see real results, think about what kind of lifestyle your customer leads. Consider what other sites your customer may visit and what interests them. For instance, if you sell high-end camping gear, cultivate a web presence sharing news and personal interest stories about camping, hiking and the outdoors. Your site should become an interactive source of lifestyle content for your target audience.

be accessible
Too many companies make it impossible to reach a customer services representative, so take advantage of this flaw by making your team accessible. Your customers shouldn’t have to struggle to contact a human being at your company. Display your contact information prominently and include a phone number that allows customers to reach a member of your team who can help them.

interact with your customers
Simple product information is no longer enough, customers often need more than just the product size and colour in order to make a decision. Offering your customers the chance to review purchased items is a great way to build credibility whilst also gaining feedback. Companies can respond to reviews on the product page itself, by thanking a customer for a positive review or offering to resolve a negative one, while all the time putting a human face to the brand.

pre-empt your customers’ questions
Help customers by pre-empting any questions they may have about a product. By providing thoughtful details such as “this product may be too short if you’re over 6 feet tall” or “this item works best in dry environments”, you can remove a significant barrier between your customers and their purchase. Website visitors will be grateful for the extra guidance.

offer a range of customisation opportunities
Customised options such as specially designed gift-wrapping, monograms, engravings or handwritten notes can be a great way to attract customers to your eCommerce site.

In a large market, Complete Savings believes your business can build a community of loyal and enthusiastic customers by providing stellar and accessible customer service, product assistance that exceeds expectations and a high degree of product customisation.


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