The main purpose of anticorrosive spiral pipe

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Different industries and areas of corrosion in a pipe, spiral steel pipe corrosion in concrete can be used to show the industry an important role and performance. Different industries have an important supply. Spiral steel pipe corrosion classification and use: according to different production methods it appropriate classification. According to different production methods can be divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled, cold drawn tubes, squeeze tubes. Tube extrusion method is about to heat a good squeeze on the closed cylinder, spiral steel pipe corrosion there are many different production methods. Perforated stick together with the extruded rod movement, the extrusion die from the small hole in the extrusion. This method can produce smaller diameter steel pipe. Spiral steel pipe corrosion can be divided into different categories and types, different types can be used in actual play an important role and nature of Eng, according to the normal use of methods and principles for use, to ensure that the use of the contribution. Required the use of cold-rolled, cold drawn or the combination of the two methods.

In roller cold rolling mill is usually carried out on Ruoyu get smaller and better quality of spiral steel pipe corrosion. Steel tank in the tapered hole and fixed head consisting of a conical hole in the ring rolling. Cold-drawing is usually 0.5 100T single chain or double chain drawing machine on. Cut into desired length, usually in the hot-rolled steel corrosion spiral pipe mill on automatic rolling production. Solid tube and remove surface defects upon inspection. End to end surface of the perforated tube-centering, and then sent to the furnace heating, punch on the punch. Perforation while continuing to rotate and move, roll, and the role of the head, the tube gradually formed within the cavity, said capillary. Spiral steel pipe corrosion and then sent automatically to continue rolling machine. Finally after all the whole entire wall thickness were, after sizing mill sizing, specification. The use of continuous rolling pipe mill producing hot-rolled thick wall steel pipe is more advanced methods.

The use of spiral steel pipe corrosion: as to withstand the liquid pressure, corrosion is extensive use of spiral pipe. There are special-purpose seamless pipe spiral steel pipe boiler corrosion, geology and oil with anti-corrosion steel pipe with a spiral spiral steel and other corrosion. Supply three types according to different uses: a chemical composition and mechanical properties according to the supply; b supply by mechanical properties; c according to pressure test supply. By ab class supply pipe. Pressure test must be conducted. Spiral steel pipe for general use by the general corrosion of carbon steel, low alloy steel or alloy steel rolling, yield up, mainly for the transmission fluid pipe or structural components. 


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