How i got better at computers

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            It all started when i was 4 and half. I just came from Kenya at that time and my mom was already in US. She had a computer and never seen one myself all i did was look at it untill my taught me how to play games.

           1st-2nd grade: I still didnt know anything about computers but i knew alot about friends,kindness and being helpfull. And same thing i was only using the computer to play games.

           3rd-4th grade: This si the grade where i met a couple a new friends on the computer. Lets just start off by saying that i downloaded alot of games and i was able to understand. My new friends came along when i downloaded to many programs and my pc began to run slow. Then all of the sudden it did things on its own, downloaded programes without my permision or without me saying yes to, and finnaly my pc got a BSOD in other words BlueScreenOfDeath. Now at that point i didnt what it ment or what it was so i didnt think of it as a big deal. But my parents new becuase the computer wasnt working. And soo on in that 2 years i broke up to 3 to 4 computers, and my old friends just cma eback for those 3 to 4 computers.

5th grade: This is the grade that i not only went to another district but the first school that the students got thier own laptops. And not only that but we also learned some good and important facts about te computer so we know what to do when we are in trouble but also not in school. If it wasnt for this district i wouldnt have been intrested into computers. And also i broke 2 computers at home in this grade but i was more aware what i did wrong.

6th-7th grade- I learned that there is more to computers than games. i was really intressed more in computers than ever. And actaully before i got into the repairing i wanted to hack. So thats what i did. I hacked about 7 games using only a 8gb USB or flashdrive. but than i relized it wasnt right and all that hacking slowed down my laptop when i plugged my usb to my computer. Thats when i was intressed in cleann my laptop to get better performance and make it run like new. As the days went on when i was in 7th grade i was repair computers and belive it or not but this didnt only allow my parents to save money on computers or ever buy a new computer but alowed my grades to go up. How? well helping students in class and teachers and also i passes the computer quiz 100/100. So now im in honors math,reading and writting and AVID. So yeah this computer stuff has helped by alot. And now i can repair my own computer without having my parents to spend a single penny on my mistakes. 

So please dont worry about how many times you may mess up try and try harder. Because its better to try and fail than to never try.


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