Why Charleston SC Is Defying The Slow US Real Estate Market

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With the American housing market struggling and foreclosures being on the rise it is strange to witness that one particular real estate area has put quite a fight up against the recession.

Charleston SC which is situated in the state of South Carolina was one of a very short list of areas that actually grew their housing sector. But what makes this part of the country so different to others?

Well one reason could be that Charleston has some of the most stunning beach houses and waterfront real estate in the country. Houses are traditional and many are being preserved, with different preservation societies working to maintain the history of the city.

Another point might be the fact that the area bursts with luxury properties, and if I say luxury I really mean luxury. If you want to find your million dollars home you will not have to look very far in Charleston. Furthermore, increasingly more people have been investing in actual land to build their dream house. The number of newly built homes has increased well above 20% over the last couple of years.

Although numbers, on both buying and building properties, are on the rise – South Carolina and Charleston have also seen a dip in real estate numbers when the recession hit first, which means numbers are still below to what they were used to before. The rise in real estate being sold and built could be easily down to the fact that people have taken their chance to invest in either their dream home (getting a good bargain – if spending a couple of millions can be called a bargain) or development opportunity before prices rise again. New developments have been on the rise targeting single family homes especially. So if you have some cash to spare and are thinking of investing in the states it might be a good move to have a look around the historic city of Charleston. Here some of the best areas you would love to live or invest in:

Isle of Palms: The name says it all really. If you get to invest around here you will be able to enjoy some of the best beach strolls in your life. Due to its rather laid back life style it has been a big attraction for business people who are trying to escape the stress of the city and business life. Plus it has some amazing Golf resorts – and which businessman can resist a good clubbing (and I don’t mean dancing)!

Mt Pleasant: It can’t really get better than that in naming a place and just researching about it justifies calling it pleasant. It is one of busiest areas in Charleston SC – a lot of the events, shopping and restaurants are situated in or within Mt Pleasant. It is a great place that seems to combine history and modernity perfectly. Plus living here means that you are just a stone throw away from all the amazing beaches!

John’s Island SC: Well this island is very different to the vibe of Mt Pleasant or the Isle of Palms. It has a rather rural character. It has not seen a lot of development over the years. However, if you are after space (and I really mean “space”) and really great access to the buzz of the downtown then snapping up a spacious John’s Island SC real estate should be on your investment list!

So, if you have some spare cash and you want to be investing in a growing market then why not look across the pond and get involved in some international real estate buying. Have a look at the Charleston Area – I wouldn’t mind retiring there on the porch of a Luxury Mansion!


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