Parents Beware

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Wake up parents do you know what your teens are uploading onto the World Wide Web? Do you wonder why your teens come up missing, well look at what your teens are posting on the World Wide Web. Do you think the photo’;;; they are uploading is appropriate for your aprroval. Parents is the photo’;;;s that your kids are posting on the World Wide Web appropriate for those who see them. Are you aware of what other people are posting on the World Wide Web that your teens use everyday. I have just picked up coming on to Facebook to play the games with my family members that are on Facebook. The last few times I have been on Facebook I have seen some photo’;;;s that I would not let my own teens be able to view. We are so afraid that our teens exspecially teens boy’;;;s are on pronography sites. I have to say that your teens boy’;;;s do not have to go onto these sites to look at pronography. They can get these photo’;;;s on Facebook. I was appalled of what I seen on my timeline that was posted on there. I had to hide the post because I did not want to keep seeing this ladies picture on my timeline. My wife was appalled to see the photo on there. I had to report this photo and some of the other photo’;;;s that I have caught when I have come onto my Facebook page. What I understand is Facebook screens those photo’;;;s that are uploaded onto there website. I felel that they are getting relaxed on what they are allowing to be uploaded onto people website pages on Facebook. I can see Facebook becoming another MySpace with what they upload onto their website. Are our kids really safe to be on these websites or are they really getting more for there time on these websites. I have to say I am appalled to see what your teens are posting onto Facebook especially the young women that are on Facebook they wonder why they get bullyed at school because of their photo’;;;s they post onto the websites like Facebook and Myspace. What they are putting onto their email profiles are they appropriate to be on there. This is what Facebook policy say about the safety of materail on their website which is: “We do our best to keep Facebook safe, but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help to keep Facebook safe.”

Don’;t get the wrong idea from me from what I have commented about Facebook. I love Facebook and I think for the most part they are building a website built around family values. I just trying to point to you parents that you just need to check up on your teens and make sure what they uploading is appropriate and safe for there on personal safety. You need be aware of those who are becoming friends with and making sure they are who they are for one and two that they are not looking at someone nude photo’;;;s and if they are you need to turn those people into Facebook and let them be aware of that person profile. I know that is going to times that you will not be able to see all what they are doing but teens should not be allowed to have computers in their room. This is my own point of view about teens with being able to have a computer in their own room. The computer should be in a place where every family member has access to use it and you can see what they are doing on the computer. I feel if we do not take control of this situation we are allowing more of these predator that are out there to prey on your teens.


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