It should not happen : A fictional funny war

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                                                       They were following each other in a line . It was the summer season .All were living happily in their own heavenly home . Who knows in the coming days sorrows will come to their happy life . Their life is also a wonderful life . Actually i am speaking about the small-small living creatures , who move around here and there round the corners. Infact i don’;;;;;;t know their names but for our recognisation we call them as “Ants ” . In thier civilsazation we can found all type of small -big , black brown , thin-fat ants living together . May be there exists a head member of that society whom they all obey . Most of the food they arrange from our home . They were having some secret holes in our home as thier homes .May be they are thousands in numbers . In this way their life was going on along with the time .


As slowly the summer season was going to end , rainy season started . Slowly houseflies are started coming to our home . Due to that fear we trying keep our room clean by sweeping any sugar particles or food on the floor  to avoid houseflies . In this way life become tough for the houseflies to get the food for them. May be they are lazier as compare to ants . They have started  a attack on the food storage base of Ants . Ants got this information after 1 hour .The head member of Ants community openly declared a war against the Houseflies . He ordered the other Ants to get prepare for the war . Then a big intense war started between Ants and Houseflies .Mosquitoes come in rescue for the Ants . They give full their support to the Ants as Houseflies are their rivals.Houseflies started to throw small small mud partiles from air by flying . Severals Ants got killed and injured .Mosquitoes were not far behind the race they shown death door to several Houseflies by hitting with the peaks as sharp sword .Ants started biting the inquired houseflies .Severals ants sacrificed their lives for the shake of their civilzation with a open heart. This war continued for 55 days . 


                                                                   Rainy season coming to an end .Slowly winter started . Butterflies started coming to our home . They controlled and concluded the war with their strong arm force . They arranged a peace meeting among the ants,houseflies and mosquitoes . In this war around 6500 houseflies , 12300 ants and 350 mosquitoes and 5 butterflies killed . This is one of the bloodiest war in the living creature history . One thing to ponder upon where living creature exits war happens for survival . It should not happen !!


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