Which is good E-Cigs or Traditional Cigarettes?

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             Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional cigarettes. It is an invention of the new generation. In old times people used to smoke like cigars, cigarettes, pipes etc. But now a new generation wants something different from the traditional. So you can say that an e-cigarette is an invention of new generation. For traditional cigarette, there are many restrictions, for example we can’t smoke in public places because it contains tobacco but for e-cigarette there is no restriction like that because it does not contain tobacco. This is a topic nowadays, which option, “E cigarette or traditional cigarette” people should choose from. Below are some of the points which show the advantages of E-cigarette over traditional cigarette.

            There are many similarities between e cigarette and traditional cigarettes.  An e-cigarette look alike the traditional cigarette, but some of them looks different too. If you want an alternative to traditional cigarette, but you are not willing to change it, then you can go for an electronic cigarette which looks same as traditional cigarette. Otherwise, you also have some different options to choose from.

             E-cigarettes are less dangerous according to the researchers. Researchers find out the truth that e-cigarette are much safer than the old cigarettes. Michael Siegel, professor of community health sciences at BUSPH, (Boston University School of Public Health) said that “the battery-powered devices provide tobacco-less doses of nicotine in a vaporized solution.” The electronic cigarettes are less harmful and do not contain tobacco which is very dangerous for health. According to the people, who tried electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, have very good experience with e-cigarettes.

             E-cigarettes do not have any odor. An old cigarette smells bad, not for the people who smokes, but for the non-smokers. Especially about the ex-smoker, they feel it instantly. Scent from the cigarette smoke gets into anything it comes in contact with, like car seats, clothes, hair, even after some time of smoking, person’s breath. Smoking smells so bad because you are burning tar and tobacco itself with traditional cigarettes. On the other hand e-cigarettes do not smell bad like old cigarettes, because smokers are exhaling a vapor that evaporates immediately. Smokers and non-smokers can tell the difference between e-cigarettes and old cigarettes as an e-cigarette do not smell like an old cigarette.

            In today’s world everything is so expensive but electronic smoking is less expensive compared to traditional ones. If you are a smoker then you are well aware about this fact that in the old time cigarette were very cheap, you could buy a good quality pack in $1 or $2. But nowadays if you want to buy a good quality cigarette then you have to spend at least $6 or $7 which is very high these days. Suppose a person smokes one pack-a-day then he/she has to spend at least $300 every month, which is very high cost. On the other the starter kit of an e-cigarette could be higher, but if you compare month to month cost with traditional cigarette it would be half and it is one time spending.

             E-cigarettes are less harmful for health. We cannot claim that e-cigarettes are good for health, but you can compare e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes and point out that how traditional cigarettes are harmful to our health. Traditional cigarettes have bad effects on the human body. They can put you at higher risks like, stroke, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, heart attack, throat cancer, and many other diseases. On the other hand an e-cigarette has less harmful effects on the human body but it is also harmful to health but less than traditional ones.

         These are some benefits of e-cigarette over traditional cigarette, you can’t ignore. Now you have to decide which product you should use according to this study. It is very important to choose the right product which less expensive and less harmful.


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