benefits of music marketing

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Marketing can only benefit music. Whether it’s from finding new listeners, building your fan base, spreading word of new releases, or simply showing that the artist is in fact human too.  All of this adds to the overall magic that is music. Listeners want to listen to groups that will give them new things, they don’t want to wait years for a new album or track. Not only that, but they don’t necessarily want to be fans of divas. Showing the fans that the artist is in fact human, can do wonders for an image- also part of marketing.

Looking at the benefits of music marketing, you can only see the upside. Without marketing, it leaves the music to speak entirely by itself and has a limited number of possible listeners. But with marketing, the music reaches not just those that have been told by fans about them, but also those who have seen ads, heard demos, or read something humorous the artist posted about.

Some potential routes for marketing would include an online or a physical campaign, possibly even both. For the online one, you’d want ads run on as many sites as possible with the targeted audience, ask bloggers to review the music, create a blog and build a following and let them know about it, get involved and create an internet presence, create a fan page and twitter page, upload demos on websites, and get involved with blog hops. For a physical one, you’d want to make poster, hand out demos, play benefit gigs, host parties, and anything that draws people in large groups where they could experience the sounds of the music.

In the beginning, most marketing won’t be huge, but it will eventually generate some notice.

In the end, the most important thing to remember when dealing with marketing and music is that you can’t give up. You have to keep trying new things, and being open to new ideas. Don’t get caught up on one idea and one way of doing things. It’s important if you want to get the most amount of benefits from marketing, to use several different ideas. This helps to ensure that you’re reaching the largest group of potential listeners.

Never give up and allow the music to speak for itself, while pushing it in a direction that will let people know that it isn’t just a one-hit wonder.


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