Mens Wedding Rings

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At first you should think of its width. Most men don’;t want something too fancy. Less can be more for them. Always remember that wider rings go for longer finger, shorter asks for a shorter ring. 6mm is the most common width, followed by 7mm. You can opt for 5mm, if you are shorter than average but 6 is enough for anyone. This idea is specially for the width of the wedding ring or band along the finger. More complex design might not be available on the 6 or 7mm versions. You should keep in mind that much wider ring can feel uncomfortable when worn. You will experience this only after a while, not on the spot.

I don’;t want to tell you what your budget should be. I wish I could because you should only spend on this precious accessory as much as you want. You should decide not only depending on how much you can afford but also how much you think price matters.

When choosing an accessory as well as wedding ring, you should follow your gut level for you know your personality the best. You might want to choose a simple looking ring, if you are an introvert, and a ring with engravings will suit you better if you are more of an extrovert. You also have to consider your lifestyle before buying the ring, which is super important. Keeping your wedding ring on will be challenging for you, if you play a lot of sports or do a lot of manual labor. The best bet will be to take the ring off while working which most of the couples won’;t consider, then a tougher metal will be the best choice; such as titanium or tungsten as they are virtually scratch-resistant also.

Gold rings are probably not the best choice right now like the olden days because silver, titanium and tungsten are more popular now. They are great choice from a style point of view also. I’;m sure you want to make your ring to be special as marriage is such a huge thing. You might want even an axpensive one. You should go for white gold, platinum and palladium in that case. You want to make it more memorable – you should be looking out for the rings that have diamond encrusted in them.

May be you are not looking for contemporary rings as you may not be a flashy kind of guy. May be you want something — old fashioned. You always have the option of choosing a vintage ring, if a gold wedding ring is not enough.


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