Virtual Reality Goggles Rift Already Has His First Erotic Game

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Wicked Paradise uses motion capture animations to give realistic 3D models

It’;s inevitable: every new technology is hijacked by pornography so it appears. Happened recently with the popularization of 3D is going to happen with the virtual reality device Oculus Rift, which is considered almost unanimously by those already tested technology as a watershed for videogames. And the accessory that has not even hit stores, already has his first erotic game: Wicked Paradise.

In an interview for the site Road to VR, the developer Jeroen Van den Bosch, an electronics engineer with over 20 years in the games industry, says Paradise Wicked consider the first erotic game of virtual reality. And, according to Bosch, this is not a game merely pornographic, but rather an experience with history and context, in order to engage the player with your partner (or partner) virtual. “The sex scenes non-explicit in Mass Effect are much more erotic than explicit adult games,” he said. “That’;s why you care for the characters in Mass Effect. The player will never feel very attracted to a virtual character if he or she does not care.”

Wicked Paradise is being developed with the Unreal Engine, this technology in games like Gears of War, and will be released in episodic format, such as The Walking Dead. According to Bosch, inicipalmente, Wiked Paradise will have the prospect of a heterosexual male, bringing a female virtual character, with which you can interact in first person, but other audiences as heterosexual women and homosexuals of both genders are in the crosshairs of his producer.
Backed by numerous industry figures, the project consists of a virtual reality goggles specifically for video games, with a large field of view, 3D technology and also the possibility of tracking the user’;s head movements to control the game camera.



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