Fishing in Crissy Field, San Francisco

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Over the past Weekend, a buddy and I went out to San Francisco to do a little fishing off the San Francisco bay. We decided on a familiar spot that we used to go to a lot when we were younger. We went to Crissy field

And brought 3 rods all together. I went for a 10′; beef stick rod, while my buddy took a 8′; beef stick rod. We used our spare shakesphere rod to try and attract some smelt or mackerel with a bobber and hooks attached to a weight.

To our surprise, there were a lot more tourist here than fisherman’s like we were used to seeing when we were younger. Looking into the buckets as we walked down the concrete pier, it seemed no one had caught much, just a couple of rock crabs here and there, and a bat-ray further down the pier. 

We decided to launch our gear on the first corner of the pier, right next to an angler who had been here for a couple of hours. With no bucket or bag with fish, we asked how the fishing was this morning. “Nothing but rays”. ZING ZING, someone’s rod with bells attached had sprung straight down, notifying the angler of a bite. “Another Ray” said the angler next to us. Me and my buddy took a peek as he was reeling it in and load behold, it was a Stingray.

Now we were hoping to catch a beautiful halibut, a nice bass, or maybe even a 42′; leopard shark. Hours past and not even a bite, the anglers down the pier had just landed their 5th ray and even a 39′; leopard, but no luck to anyone else on that pier. We joked around and saw a very intrigued tourist looking to snap a picture at the neighborhood seal (who commonly eats the bait on crab nets), but to her luck, missed it as she was walking off the pier.

Me and my buddy left after 4 hours of no bites, but still treated ourselves to one of the wonderful hotdogs at

Lets be Frank, all natural grass fed hot dogs.

It was a great time, but to bad we couldn’;t catch anything. We will definitely be back for more action.


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