Check the Water Before You Drink

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Water is quite essential for health. Two thirds of the body weight and more than 90% of the brain is caused by water. Every cell of the human body contains water particles. Our body needs water for its every function. You will die of dehydration if you don’;t drink water or liquids for long.

Drinking pure water is very important. Governments consider this as an important issue and try their best to supply potable water. Although the governments purify water before supplying them for drinking purpose, sometime, due to various reasons, it becomes contaminated when people drink it. 

The water you drink should be pure from bacteria, etc., so that it can be beneficial to your health. If it is contaminated it may create diseases. Water becomes pure in many ways.
You can easily find out if the water is good.

These four symptoms that may help you in finding if the water is worthy of drinking.

1) Smell or bad taste:

You can recognize the bad quality of water from its smell and taste. There may be dissolved solid, or chemicals that make the water smell badly. It may smell like something rotten or some kind of stagnant water.

2) Particles harmful to health:

You can hard water spots that are caused by minerals. They can be seen on glassware. They may be caused by harmful minerals.

3) Rust stains can be seen:

You might have noticed rust stains in red or brown color. You should avoid them by proper cleaning.

4) Change in color:

Pure water is clear as crystal. If the color is changed it may reveal the contamination of water. Sometimes, you can find the change in the color of water directly brought from a well or other water source.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that 1.1 billion people lack access to an improved drinking water supply and about 1.8 million people die from diarrheal diseases each year, caused by contaminated water. If you drink water in a new place, check for its purity.


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