Becoming a Colorado Notary Public

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So you want to become an official notary public in the state of Colorado?

This article will discuss the functions of a notary and the process of becoming a Notary Public.

What is a notary? What is his/her purpose? What authorizations are they entrusted with?

A notary is an quasi-public official who has been entrusted by the State to be an unbiased witness to the signing of documents, administating of oaths and affirmations, and authenticating document copies. One of main functions of the notary is the ensure that signatures on important documents are done freely by the client, without any external pressures or reservations.

What are the state requirements to become a notary public?

To become a Colorado Notary Public, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Be a resident of Colorado
  3. Be able to read and write English
  4. Be familiar with Colorado Notary Law (this can be found online, see references) 
  5. Not be convicted of a misdemeanor involving dishonesty in the last five years, of a felony in your lifetime
  6. Never had your notary comission revoked
  7. Pass the training course (more on that below)

How does one become a notary public?

So you meet the requirements to become a Colorado notary! Congratulations!

To become a Colorado Notary you are required to take an state-certified course that teaches you the basic responsibilities and duties of being a notary. Courses are offered online and in-person and usually cost around $40.

After taking the course, you will take an exam that shows that you understand the material in the course.

Once you pass the test from the course, you will be required to take a online open-book test though the Colorado Secretary of State. Don’;t worry, as long as you pay attention in the training course, the test isn’;t difficult. You have unlimited attempted to pass the state Notary test.

Once you have completed the two tests, you will need to fill out an online application and pay the filing fee (which is currently $10; link to the electronic form can be found in the references below). 

You then print out the application and get it notarized by a current notary.

Once your application is notarized, you need to mail a copy of your ID (front and back), your application, your training certificate, and your state test certificate.

What happens one I mail in the required materials?

Within about two weeks, you will hear back from the State as to your status. Once you are approved, you can print out your notary certificate, order your notary stamp and purchase a notary journal. 

Once you have the required notary supplies, you can start notarizing documents!

Best of luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


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