No Free Idealism for Free Life

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essay this speech of my friend, his name Acbar Valex Anderson

read :

It feels incomplete if I did not write this .. regards solidarity Exist fighters who remain convinced that I can take on a human’;;s existence is true this time … I do not represent the institution, group or band, even to myself ..

Maybe we can share with this paper though sometimes sickening .. hopefully with this we could be a solid friend .. Ok! comrades ever .. for what we think we live in this world? And I think the answer varies

For a long time I lived to be a quiet Philosophical never preoccupied by problems of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis .. which has always been a long labyrinth without end

Starting from worries with the attacking instincts of humanity propaganda .. that is because “we think we exist” if not that means animals .. ugh! I do not think all this time … obviously I’;;m depressed and I need to think about what? Since then history skularisme in me started. I began to love reading books .. and the same philosophy

with the principles that I live underground that I believe 80% were able to change my situation, my life .. until I was really satisfied and want to vomit with DIY problems and CAPITALISM, CONSUMPTIVE, Exploitation, ABUSES … ugh! capitalist until whenever will be the winner in the battle of the world … even though anti-capitalism activists huddled in the world.

Indeed they are winning mentality, but in practice non-sens .. because we still lost a great system and you can not be separated from the capitalist.

At first I wanted to take control and reclaim power as an individual .. but essentially idealistic freedom also has enslaved me …

On one hand I do not want to say skularism .. I believe in God and I should be consistent with my belief .. that is to carry out religious ritual every time … only God who should be the master .. and whatever there is in this universe-creation His natural duality .. and this is just going to be a game that arouse and if it is temporary .. the truth .. it’;;s only temporary .. Good Philosophy, radical conflict, Counter Culture .. all merely a process .. and sometimes stagnating on the way ..

Strong evidence of the existence of God is the ultimate truth “Spirit” that any Liberal thinkers are not able to seek out the truth .. except the Spirit of God was the one who created it …

So too low if we pledge our lives on a musical instrument which is actually solved for the concentration of life towards the Lord God .. even two-timing, self surrender on brushes or canvas .. even claiming to label myself as a musician who devoted his life to music as an artist .. or militant anarcho .. for me this is the ultimate truth in the world “God” was the source of liberation itself completely to control the world .. more than any straight path, and any Anarchism.

Think of human life can not be predictable and anyone not able to postpone death because death is the definitive voice of truth .. and the voice of truth is difficult to accept by those whose hearts had no sense .. even when you can tear your ear drums listening .. like lightning .. that’;;s the voice of truth .. so not everyone is able to find the truth .. agree? Agree!!

So from the outset what our purpose in life? Skeptical as a subject or as a slave idealist .. though not necessarily the direction we collaborate with other existentialist still wrote … is yes with notions like that you can be free from the cares of the world and discover the truth of toxicity bad, the mentalist inner restraints .. and try to think where your final footing .. choose a life path that is not preoccupied with worldly things or behave anything like it in the world as the alcoholic artificiality that only as a hollow that we should not be fooled with him .. learn about your relationship with the God … because we have only a little time .. take advantage … Ok!


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