The barbarians conquered the Roman

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About the Paladin (Paladin) the word, is in fact has been translation errors, we often say Paladin should in fact translation for “Paladin” of that, this translate only use in Taiwan. The first have to the paladin from Charlie to the emperor’;;;;s twelve warriors, they are brave soldiers from the barbarians. They believe in Christianity and at the same time to observe the barbarian warrior of a series of rules and regulations. In a fair and for the glory of the symbol of the duel these rules change became the knights of the existing rules.  

Roland just won. He was so brave fighting, that the entire enemy’;;;s all WangFengErTao. Look, but in this in sight of victory for the survival of the dozens of “a good man” to celebrate victory, fifty thousand before Saracens reinforcements to come back. This time, the strange thing is that Roland and his fellows were aware of the true they would moment is near, even though they are all doing their best, only two people lived to finally: archbishop of peace Roland I figure.  

They surrounded by the enemy, take out his magic horn Roland Olivet and tried to blow the horn, and the emperor Charlemagne too far away too late to rescue the armies of the signal, the trumpets told them, “Roland and his companions will fall, the vengeance for them.” The third time he blew a trumpet give is too fierce, the horn fracture in two, and the birds of the air and but death, Roland peel the helmet show face, all enemy scarper are confused.

In about A.D. 500, barbarians conquered the Roman empire, set up for most of his life, will be included in Western Europe in its territory, and later Pope called him “the real Roman”, and crowned him for Charlie rod emperor.In Charlie man of the emperor in the course, twelve bodyguards sets a horse, the credit hand twelve is: The greatest knights Roland (Roland), Charlemagne Cousins;Loren Monte class reputation second only to the barbarians (Montalba) lee (Renaldo), take degree Cousins of the CEO.



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