6 tricks to Improve in League of legends.

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1. League of legends  is a game of timing, a split second can decide whether you’;;;ve lost the Duel or not,
so when you see your teamates pinging for you to go in, and pinging for cancle that 1-2 seconds later that is why, because in that split second you missed your chance.

2. Get towers whenever possible, matter of fact if you can get a tower over dragon Do it.

3. Play characters you know how to play in rank, otherwise you’;;;ll just be deadweight regardless if your team ask for a support and you absolutely bad at support, just dont support, rather have you play a champ your good at and getting around the meta, then having you sit there and feed all day.

4. Dont die 1 by 1 when defending, just let them have that tower and wait to regroup or enough that you can kill or scare them away, just sacrificing yourself to buy time for the others to rez wont do much help.

5. WARDS obviously but having the opponent not know theres a ward there,  your already one step ahead and can plan a counter strategy while the enemy charges in assuming your unaware.

6. Dont bash on noobs if your trying to Improve, you wont improve and wasting time to improve doing so, and the noob will eventually get it, hopefully.

7. as you can beat one of the enemy players your already up by 1, so in terms of abilitys 5v5 if all 5 of you can beat a member of their teams , its gonna be solid. so its sorta like trading , if you can take 2 out before you die, then you have every right to bitch if your team loses 🙂

Theres my intake on improvement, im sure many will agree.

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