10 MUST watch ANIMES

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  1. Great Teacher Onizuka(GTO)
  2.  deathnote
  3.  code geous
  4.  salarymankitaro
  5.  golden boy
  6.  trigun
  7.  attack on titan
  8. Toradora
  9. Samurai X
  10. The twelve Kingdoms

1. Great teacher Onizuka

have you ever screamed at your TV because the show’;;sprotogonist is an Idiot,

Well no more frustration with GTO you can relax and enjoy the show expecting your favorite protogonist

to do the right thing,

Like when theres a Hot girl in his Room and he does W,e it takes to get her in bed or when hes being

mugged he doesnt just kick their asses he takes their money too that sorta thing 🙂

Overall its a great anime and anyone who watches tv should watch this anime.

Genre: action, Slice of life, comedy


2.    Deathnote

an anime worth your time,

with its intense creativity and logical ways of the deathnote

fuse with memoriable characters , and twisted views of the world

it delivers a truly amazing thriller story indeed .

Genre: thriller, mystery, fantasy


3. Code Geass –

OMFG an epic anime indeed. need i say more? fine. its about well..Its just fricken epic.

Watch it!

genre: action, fantasy, mystery


4. Salarman Kintaro –
Do u hate animes with the WORST protogonists ever, u know the Wimpy loserish type ugh.. WELL this is the fix for u
Salarymankintaro is an Ex biker gang leader, who wants to put it all behind and climb the ladders along with his son.
even tho hes got nothing financially, hes ONE great protonist. also an epic anime.
genre: drama

(there doesnt seem to be an anime version of this on Wiki)

5. Golden boy –
OMFG do u like EVErytHING that could possibly be entertaining.
Well THIS ANIME is for u. its one of the best by far, too bad it was so short. its about 23 year old ish pervert
whos skilled at many things, and rides around his bike looking for jobs, carefree at its most epic moments.
Genre: comedy, adventure


6. Trigun –
the story follows our sexy protogonist a man with a billion dollars on his head,
Genre: action


7. Attack on Titan,

a 2013 anime not yet finished during the release of this article,

attack on titan is just Fricken Epic
Genre: Action


8. Toradora –
my favorite love story. shed some tears in this
Genre : romance, comedy


9. Samurai X ,
Genre: action , romance


10. The twelve Kingdom

ever really like an anime?? if you havent you should watch this, because you Will like it. 🙂

Genre: Fantasy, adventure, action ,



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