Cristiano Ronaldo – a dream come true.

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There are lots of stars in the football arena. These are the people who are admired by fans and envied by opponents. They set records, achieve goals, strive for perfection, win awards and do everything in their power to become best of the best. But even these elite circles have stars that outshine all the rest. Cristiano Ronaldo is without doubt a football player of this kind. His former football manager Sir Alex Ferguson once mentioned that Ronaldo is the best player in the world who is streets ahead of Kaka and Messi and he has nothing but praise for this talented and skilful boy. But let’;s go back to the roots and see how Ronaldo got into the exciting world of football.

He was born on February 5, 1985 in Portugal and grew up in a rather poor family. Ronaldo was the youngest of four children and since his early years he lived in a working class neighbourhood. The boy’;s childhood was shaped by hardships, but there was something to keep his spirits always up. Obviously, it was football. Ronaldo’;s father worked as an equipment manager at a boy’;s club and that’;s how Ronaldo had his first taste of this exciting game. He got fascinated by football instantly and by the age of 10 most people considered Cristiano a living phenomenon – that impressive were his skills. It was obvious from the start that Ronaldo was an innate footballer and without any doubt he was tipped for success. His godfather, Fernao Sousa, once said: “He’;s a kid who drank, ate and slept the game”. Cristiano Ronaldo was so passionate about football that he could kick the ball all day long and forget about taking a break or even having a lunch.

No wonder he grew to become an incredibly skilful footballer. By the age of 16 he proved to be a virtuoso on the football field and in 2001 he signed his first contract with Sporting Portugal. The same year he finds himself on the same football field with Manchester United which was a turning point in Ronaldo’;s sport career. His performance against United was so mesmerizing that even the Englishmen acknowledged his talent and asked their manager to find a way to sign this incredible young man. These cunning Red Devils knew that it’;s better to have this promising player on their side, and quite soon he joined Manchester United which cost them 12 million pounds, a very impressive price for such a young player. It stands to mention that it wasn’;t the last time Ronaldo’;s services were estimated so high. Cristiano Ronaldo was a very successful addition to the Reds and eventually he helped his new teammates to win three Premier League titles.

But there was one thing that marred Cristiano’;s time in England. His mother was struggling with breast cancer and his father died from an alcohol-related illness two years earlier. This period was very difficult for Cristiano, but it didn’;t affect his performances. On the contrary it seemed that football was his only safety-valve.

Despite all the contributions Ronaldo made for the Red Devils his commitment to the team was under question. It was rumoured that the young and promising Portuguese wanted to try his skills at some other team. So it wasn’;t long enough until he officially signed a contract with Real Madrid, the Spanish Titans. Los Blancos had to pay an unprecedented price of $131 million to have this budding star at their disposal. That’;s when Ronaldo was named the most expensive footballer in history.

In one of his interviews Cristiano stated that his transfer to the Spaniards was a new challenge for him, and he was willing to prove his football mastery and uniqueness in the ranks of Los Blancos. Indeed, why would his performances change even if his kit was not red anymore? Being a part of Los Blancos he broke several records and helped the Spaniards win numerous prizes. For example, he managed to become the first ever player to score in his first four La Liga appearances. The bookmakers must cherish such a skilful player, seeing as more people choose to bet on Real Madrid.

It is obvious that lots of records and achievements are yet to come because no one would question the unrivaled talent of this marvelous player.


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