Dealing with post-delivery date stress

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So you’;;re expecting and you’;;re just noticing a few of the side effects pregnancy can do to a woman? Don’;;t worry; the fighting, the arguing, the crying and the lack of intimacy isn’;;t eternal. As the man, you have to be there for your woman because she is giving up her entire appearance, and you? Well you have to put up with her. 

This won’;;t necessarily happen in every couple, but it surely is common. The first thing to do is remain calm during a ‘;;crazy attack’;;. Don’;;t let her go crazy! I know, that’;;s next to impossible, but you have to try.

When your woman starts crying because you told her to put the tupperware on the top shelf of the dishwasher, remain calm. 

When your woman starts screaming at you because you cracked open a beer after a hard day at work and she desperately wants one, remain calm.

When your woman breaks out in absolute crazy storm because she gained 20 pounds 6 months into the pregancy and you lost 5, remain calm. 

The key to success with a pregnany woman is to remain calm at all times. When she screams at you for the stupidest reasons, tell her that she’;;s right. Make it sincere, even though you know its just to avoid the storm. You know deep down inside that you’;;re right, but you have to make her truly believe that you’;;re sorry and that it won’;;t happen again. Grab her, kiss her, and when she calms down, run away. Go make dinner, go do the groceries, just let her be alone in order to avoid a relapse.

93% of woman who go crazy and calm down will go crazy again within the next 5 minutes if you stay within her area of visibility. Okay, I just made that up, but you get the point. 

Get intimate with your woman. Damn, shes carrying your baby! She should be the woman of your life. Don’;;t cheat on her, don’;;t go out with friends as often and don’;;t get drunk. DON’;;T EVER GET DRUNK! Trust me, you’;;ll have to deal with a hangover accompanied with a side of crazy pregnant treatment for the next few days. 

Okay, I think you all got it by now, stay calm, love your woman and treat her to massages even if you suck at them. She’;;ll appreciate that you’;;re playing your part in it. Also, don’;;t let her feel alone in the pregnancy. Go with her to gynecologist appointments, go the ultrasounds and talk to that belly! Smile when the baby kicks and give your woman Skittles. They love Skittles and it keeps their mouth busy rather than having it scream at you.

As a final thought, remember men; a quiet pregnant woman is a desired pregnant woman. Don’;;t provoke the beast that lies within. 


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