Social Networks and the American Intelligence Services

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It turns out, from the private sector.  In today’;;;;s virtual world, there are both professionals and structure on assembling genuine data – this is the communal mesh, and those who develops them today. They know everything about its users, the magazine writes Deutsche Welle.

Silicon valley as a smithy of shots for understanding services. As it became renowned to professionals heading “Internet report” of magazine “Market Leader” it, for demonstration, refers to Facebook, where is listed more than one billion users.

Foreign newspapers compose that Silicon Valley has today the designated day that are anxious to get the spy service – namely, gigantic databases and more sophisticated programs for their comprehensive processing. If you accept as true the newspapers, the NSA has a budget of about seven billion dollars, allocate some of the cash for these investments into distinct startups in the Silicon Valley.

As reported recently by Jeffrey Chester, retaining a mail of the boss director of the organization under the title “Center for Digital Democracy”, with headquarters in Washington, modern telecommunication firms in the joined States assembled uncontrollable and all-encompassing database, and currently conceived programs of target advertising. They process and pathway facts and figures about us for 24 hours.

Why life in communal systems is so unsafe. Jeffrey Chester points out that Facebook and other social systems assertion that today they are a powerful tool for rudimentary democracy. But, as it turns out, they actually are increasingly being utilized for communal and political command.

The current head of the task of up to date “the Center for Research on communal Networks”, functioning at the analytic organization Demos in the UK, Carl Miller sure that all online users are too thinly treat their individual facts and figures. He notes that the heyday of communal systems means that people moved their whole communal life to the Internet. This applies not only to the many good things, such as collaboration, consideration, mutual help, but also those facets of life that are awkward or illicit. This requires a clear response employees of security services, because social systems are progressively becoming the cornerstone for the spread of crime.

Carl Miller partially even justifies the present control by the security services over all traffic on the Internet. According to him, the difficulty lies not in the reality of programs for the assemblage and processing of reaching data, such as the British Tempora or the American PRISM, and in their secrecy.


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