I come from a small town in southern China

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Southern woman, born exotic!

Although they petite body, but have an overall sense of things, never sprinkle unnecessary Johnson.Summer is coming, and they dare to street shoes, walking barefoot, just cooler on the line.They will put aside sandals Ling in his hand, while loudly call: “My shoes?” Numerous junctions in southern China, we can see the most virtuous Southern women, they dressed, casual manners: In the south, there is little stout and thick fierce girl, It is as if they grew up living in a drop of water inside, The eyes are round and round and looked to, or support that does not break the dripping walls, tall women dating and the North, always only in people under the shoulder bounce, like petals of Thumbelina. But it is definitely not a Vietnamese woman who is so fine willow Fufeng, but some lean and strong, very healthy and full of elasticity, as groups of small plasticine, both inside and outside the body has infinite charm.

A song of home Small town girl Remember many years ago with you hand in hand You are shy did not look up Only silly looking at the stars You are so pristine Notice that you receive the list My mind becomes confused I do not know for you but also for your own pleasure sorrow Had to let you go Do not understand Do not understand Why can not I relaxed Reluctant This love You will not know for life I understand I understand In my heart you will always exist Maybe one day you will miss But I have not But I have I have not Remember the beginning you can not meet That hectic and noisy environments A small town girl to the big city You must have heard this story When you are most alone when I accompany you I give you comfort and encouragement I own contradictions selfish sorrow every day Had to let you go Remember a year ago stood Station Watch their tragedy played out Saw you through the window and tears That locomotive is still spitting smoke I heard you became a manager now The future is like shining stars I just hope that all this can make you happy I can rest assured that go

During this time I do not know how crazy in love with this song, perhaps also because of the reason for parting melancholy, but around town girl really is not a lot, most want to miss these Hupenggouyou still around, every day is full for the last time , last time “ferocious animal” overnight, the last selling books, the last pass that way, the last time into the school library, the last time a cafeteria, not the last time we have the body of each body experience, but I always This will cherish every last until the back foot on the train. Go back to the train in front of these procedures or to a mess of one’;s office, go to the library at noon back of the card, then go back on the machine card room, hey, these things leave their side, I felt really very Well, as abruptly taken away those years of expression.We photographed the morning, enjoy the photos, like all the years took our indulgent smile, took leave of indulgence.Evening light military treat, find a job, and everyone says penultimate drink wine, this four really did not know a bunch of friends over white. No matter what will happen after the road, you can not forget. Can not forget.


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