Exposure to Gold and Silver

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With Gold prices plummeting in the recent weeks whereby it breached the 1200 dollars level, it certainly doesn’t seem like a good idea to be holding gold at the moment. It has corrected close to 40 % from their peak of 1900 level. For those whom believe “To buy when everyone is fearful” theory, it is perhaps time to consider accumulating a position on gold especially if you have more of a medium to long term time frame.

Some reasons advocated by gold bulls had been that it could be looked as an alternative currency. It seems like a good angle to look at especially with the current limitless money printing and quantitative easing by the major nations such as US and Japan. Also, it tends to serve as a good inflation hedge. Currently, it has not been favourable for gold as inflation seems to be under control.

There are several methods to gain exposure to gold or silver (Have a more volatile nature). These are some of the avenues you can look into.

1) Exchange Traded Funds (There is a Gold ETF listed in SGX)

2) Gold and Silver Exploration Companies Equities (eg: Barrick Gold)

3) Futures and Leverage Spot Products (Not for those faint hearted)

4) Physical Gold and Silver

5) Gold Certificates

Personally I have a small allocation to gold for my portfolio. I have exposure using two avenues. Firstly I have invested in the exchange traded fund utilising my CPF gold limit. I am also vested in Barrick Gold which is listed in NYSE.

I will be looking into buying physical gold soon through UOB bank which I will touch on in another entry. I am looking at a long term time frame for the physical gold (Hopefully I can resist the temptation to cash in when gold prices start shooting up) as I am intending to pass it on to my two kids.

If you have the notion that I am extremely bullish on gold, then let me just clarify, I am not. Gold is likely to remain range bound in the near to medium term time frame after looking at their price action. Any upside should be cap at the 1500 levels.

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