10 causes of aging we can’t ignore

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            There are many causes of aging which makes people feel more aged before they are even in that stage. In this article we will discuss ten causes which actually causing aging effect and not good for health.

             Stress: – Stress is number one cause of aging. Stress and worries cause frowning and over the time the muscles of the face get loose and can see the signs of aging. To stop aging due to stress be aware of the stress levels, where you stand for the stress level and try to vary facial expressions during the day. To avoid stress one can start doing yoga, meditation and other exercise.

             Cigarette smoking: – As everybody knows cigarette smoking is injurious to health, and damage the skin very fast. Smoking increases the risk of wrinkles and fine lines on the face and rapidly increases the dryness. It keeps away all the nutrients which are helpful for the nourishment of the skin as well as a whole body.

             Lack of exercise: – Doing exercise is one which helps to tone muscles and keep body fit and in shape. Lack of exercise, makes person aged before they are even in that stage. With the lack of exercise, one’;;s blood flow gets slower and person gets more health issue. So it is important to do exercise at least one hour a day to stay fit and to stay away from aging.

             Sun exposure:- Sun exposure is one cause, which effect skin a lot and gets aged due to sun. The skin gets dry, gets wrinkles and sogginess. Sun damage can be avoided by using sunscreen before going out in the sun.

             Alcohol consumption: – Alcohol consumption leads to aging as it increases the blood circulation. With alcohol blood vessel damages permanently, and the skin gets dull and an individual gets wrinkles and dull skin.

             Cold weather: – Cold weather and low temperature is one cause of aging. With the cold weather the skin gets dry and to keep away from dryness, it is important to use moisturizer.

             Lack of sleep: – Lack of sleep or very little sleep makes a person tired. Signs of lack of sleep show on the face like dark circle, sagging skin and bags under the skin. Lack of sleep causes other health issues like depression, dementia and other memory loss problems. It is very important to sleep at least eight hours a day to stay healthy and feel healthy.

             Extra Makeup: – Extra makeup is another cause which leads to aging. The extra makeup on the face makes skin dull and dry and person gets wrinkles very easily with it. It is very important to use limited makeup and clean it before going to bed.

             Balanced diet: – Balanced diet is very important of one’s health. An individual should eat food which is full of nutrients and vitamins which help the body healthy and fit. Protein is as important as other vitamins and minerals so balanced the diet with all essential vitamins and mineral.

             Lifestyle: – lifestyle affects one’s health allot. It is very important to change the lifestyle according to the body’s need. Sleep early, wake up early, eat a balanced diet, and do exercise, all these things come under lifestyle. If an individual has an opposite lifestyle might get aged early and get other health issues. It is important to understand what is good for health and how to apply in one’s life.


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