Saltwater Fish Tank Care and Maintenance

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Saltwater fish tanks require a lot more maintenance, care and planning than your average freshwater fish tank. Typically, the larger the fish tank that you purchase the easier it will be to keep the salinity levels in the appropriate range but the harder it will be to keep up on the fish tank. The larger the tank, the more fish you will also be able to house. With smaller saltwater fish tanks, it’;s harder to keep the salinity levels at the appropriate range.

Before making any purchases and getting any saltwater fish you will want to do research first. A lot of saltwater fish do not get along because most of the fish are very territorial. You also want to make sure that you know what salinity each fish requires as some fish may prefer higher salinity levels. If you decide to purchase live rock as decoration, make sure that you have plenty of hiding places for fish as they tend to get easily stressed out if there is not enough hiding spots.

One thing that I would consider purchasing for your aquarium is invertebrates. Snails and crabs are very inexpensive, easy to care for and a great addition to any saltwater fish tank. When purchasing them, make sure you know what salinity level and temperature is best for them. Also make sure that you have food that they will eat.

Some saltwater fish also require warmer temperatures which may require you to purchase a heater. It might also be a good idea to purchase a protein skimmer as they remove harmful debris from the water. Weekly water change should be performed and you will need to do at least a 15% water change. The water that you add to the tank should be filtered or bottled water and should have salt mixed in to it and be the appropriate salinity level.

Some people choose to keep saltwater fish tanks as close to ocean environments as possible. They purchase live rock, live sand and invertebrates. If you purchase corals, you will need to purchase supplements that you add to the fish tank. Also pay close attention to water flow. Some corals need a high amount of water flow and some do not. I would recommend buying corals which are more suited for beginners such as mushrooms. These are easier to keep alive and don’;t require high amounts of water flow. Talk to people at your local pet store or do your research before purchasing fish, invertebrates and corals.


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