The Woo Group Confident On Asian Markets

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Jun. 28, 2013 – HONG KONG — The Woo Group’s client base is principally based in Europe and Asia, but the company’s analysts are commissioned to review equities on the global stock exchanges, including the US markets. 

However, Chief Executive Officer at The Woo Group Mr. Jason Woo claims, the “there are simply more opportunities to be found in Europe and Asia at this time, and the growth we are seeing is not being matched in the United States. Today’s green arrows on the Asian markets reflect investors’ positive perception of the Asian economies, particularly the Japanese NIKKEI, where a correction has been observed recently”.

Chairman at The Woo Group Mr. Jon Woo said “The positive movement seen today on the Asian Exchanges created by greater than estimated industrial production and retail sales in May, will renew confidence in Japan where investors must see value.“ Improving conditions in the US markets too have contributed to the Japan upbeat Japanese economic news and many investors will now likely be awaiting Monday’s central bank survey, expecting to see that despite the Japanese market turbulence, investor confidence remains high.

“Whilst government stimulus spending continues, we expect the mood will remain positive in Japan” said Chief Executive Officer Jason Woo. “The consensus from analysts from Hong Kong to Tokyo is positive on Japanese economic growth so The Woo Group will capitalize on that by directing much of its resources to the Asian economies in the short term”.

Dr. Lian Cheung, Head of Investment Analysis at the Woo Group was keen to emphasize however, that research on the world indices continues, even though many of the most highly rated equities on the company’s watch list are presently found on the Asian markets.


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