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Tried everything else and seem it did not work that is because we focus on our selfish needs and wants and self center. Now try to renew your mind on the word of God, memorizing scriptures and applying them to your life. Anybody can memorize scriptures but remind ya, that listening and obeying the meaning of the scriptures is being obedience and allowing God take control of your daily life and let Him guide your path. I didn’;t understand the scriptures until I really mediated and prayed and asked God to give me open mind to what to study the scriptures and knowledge and wisdom to understand them in what He was trying to get through my head. I was stubbord and when a situation in my life didn’;t work out my way, I got discourage and depress and disappointed. It God’;s way, not our way. When we give up our life in to God’;s hands is when we will see changes begin in our lives. It is not going to happen over night, or may be not in a week or year, it happens over time in God’;s time to build our faith and learning through our trials. 

If you been feeling like a failure lately, and feel nothing you say or do is going right renew yur mind to the Gospel, the Truth. Opening God’;s word and studying the scriptures will say you are a success, a winner. It doesn’;t matter how you look at yourself or how much you feel about yourself, doesn’;t matter how much you have failed in the past or present or the future, You’;re a conquerer through Christ Jesus. God has promised you a guaranteed that you will succeed and overcome your greatest fears through Jesus. He has written in His Wrd that plainly can see that you are an overcomer. Believeing and trusting in Him you can overcome any problems that the world throws in your way! Through God’;s grace and Mercy and His promises he guarantees that you will be able to go through any trouble and emerge triumphant and face every challenge comes up, God will give you courage to respond by saying, “Well, praising God, I can beat this challenge, go through this trial and overcome it because I am an ovecomer! Reading the wrod of God and studying the word will make you a winner out of you!


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