Cosmeceuticals: cosmetics & pharmaceuticals

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Cosmeceuticals is the hottest trend in the cosmetic industry. Cosmeceuticals are topical hybrids of cosmetics and pharmceuticals which contain biologically active ingredients intended to enhance health and beauty of the skin. These ingredients include cleansing agents, surfactants, emollients, fats, mineral oils, herbal extracts and enzymes. Cosmeceutic improves appearance by delivering nutrients necessary for the healthy skin. The cosmeceutical are not only external beautification product but they also improve the internal beauty through health related function.

The field of cosmeceutical is the fastest growing field of the personal care industry. Many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic companies are constantly developing and growing in this field. Desirable features of cosmeceuticals are efficacy, safety, stability and novelty. Faster growth of cosmeceuticals industry is due to following factor: increased life expectancy, working women and new technologies as well as new ingredients.

In current modern lifestyle, consumers always want to look young. As the global population’s median age increase, this market is increasingly expanding and has significant opportunities because of growing consumer demand. Because of all these reasons, very large investments are being made in this field by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic companies. The cosmeceutical consumer is now becoming more sophisticated and demanding higher quality from these products. Innovations in technology and ingredients help to fulfill this demand.

Anti-aging segment is the most popular among all other segments of cosmeceutical. Increasing demand of anti-aging segment is going to experience a big challenge to overcome consumer demand.

Now the concept of beautifying is not restricted to women alone, even men have become cognizant about the way they look.

Regulatory agencies have not yet recognized the cosmeceutical term and so there is no legal class called cosmeceutical. Cosmeceuticals are not subject to review by FDA or any other regulatory body. So there is necessity for implementing of cosmeceuticals that requires proof of safety and efficacy.


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