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Reach Out to Those Who is Being Bullied Written by Larry Allen White

I am writing this to the teens that are being bullied by their peers. My wife made the comment that they bully because those who do bully do not like themselves. Therefore they want everyone to feel their self worth about themselves with them. In order to accomplish this they find bulling other peers make them feel good about themselves when they can make their peers feel as they do.

Being bullied myself in my teens throughout my school days has left many scares on me but not only did I get bullied by my peers, but my dad also in his ways bullied me to where this left scares on as adult. I have had to deal with these negative thought all my life even know to sometimes I feel that the only way out in feeling the hurt that these people have cause me is suicide. I know this is not the way to go because I have someone greater in my life who thinks of me as a loving child and he has been there for me always. He who I speak of is my Eternal Heavenly Father who loves each of his children. I may not have seen this until know as I reach out to trouble teens on Facebook which I started a group to where trouble teens can come and vent their thoughts and feelings. That there is someone there that they talk to about their problems they face in their lives. To know that there is someone that they can turn to and will listen to them and what they have to say. Not to criticize or to put them down but to listen to what they are going through and to put positive feedback back into their lives. To where they can have self worth about who they are and about their own lives and to make sure they do not do what so many teens have done today because of being bullied by their own peers. If starting this is to just save this one person that has reached out to us then my group on Facebook has done its job that I intended the group to be there for. Every teen in the world has the right to heard and needs to be heard. This is why our government and those around these teen need to step up and make sure that these bulling stops here and know so we do not have more suicides, shooting in school and in public places. These teens are reaching out for help and until we as a nation can see this and does something about these problems these issues will continue arise in the world.


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