Pregnancy: Advances in Gender Determination

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Ten years ago when I was pregnant with my first child you were not able to determine the gender until your 20 weeks gender ultrasound. Recently I found out that you are able to go to private clinics and get 2D/3D/4D gender prediction ultrasounds at around 16 weeks and some places, even earlier. As technology advances, gender determination is becoming easier and easier at an earlier rate.

There are a variety of fun ways to predict the gender of your unborn child. Most of these are only about 50% accurate, which is not as accurate as your local hospital or private clinic. There are a number of different kits and theories which I will briefly cover in this article.

One new theory is referred to as the Ramzi Theory. It states that the gender can be determined based off of early ultrasounds and the location of where the baby implants and where the placenta is located. Early ultrasounds are typically done vaginally, so you should double check with your physician which side the baby and placenta is located. It is said that this theory is around 90% accurate but is still relatively new.

One method that I tested out personally is the baking soda gender test. You place a small amount of baking soda into a container and do a urine analysis. If the urine reacts with the baking soda fizzing and bubbling, it is said that you are expecting a baby boy. This was true in my case. If there is no reaction when the urine touches the baking soda, you are said to be expecting a little girl.

There is also a test that be purchased either online or at a local Walgreens near you. It is called the IntelliGender prediction test. It is done with simple urine analysis and can be performed at 10 weeks. The test only takes 10 minutes to perform. I suggest reading reviews before purchasing this test .

Some women believe that based off of certain symptoms they are expecting a boy or girl. The way that you are carrying or the fact that you may or may not have had morning sickness with this pregnancy does not determine the gender of your baby. Some women also use the heart rate as a basis for determining gender. Every pregnancy is different. The most accurate way to determine gender is through a detailed ultrasound at your local or private clinic.


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